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Welcome to the Revolution!

We believe that everybody should enjoy riding a bike. Too many people give up on biking because it is no longer comfortable. Traditional bikes make you hunch over the handlebars and make everything that touches the bike hurt. It’s no wonder that people let their bikes collect dust.

Bent Revolution wants to change all that. We believe biking should be fun AND pain free! We are proud to carry a full line of top recumbent bikes, trikes and  accessories. Plus, we have great customer service to go with it.

Tampa has hundreds of miles of great trails and bike friendly streets to explore, plus great year-round riding weather. If you are ready to give recumbents a try, give us a call or stop by the store. We will be happy to find the right bike for you. Our shop is friendly and relaxed. We want everyone to be comfortable with the bike they choose.

Need To Find The Right Recumbent? Start Here!

New to recumbents or just don't know where to start? This article will help!



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ICE was established by Chris Parker and Neil Selwood in 1999. They were driven to design, and produce the ultimate recumbent trikes. ICE Adventure, Sprint, and VTX represent some of the highest quality trikes in the world.  



HP Velotechnik has been working to create the best range of recumbent bikes and trikes since 1993. Their bikes are known for their high-quality and durability. Bent Revolution is a premiere dealer for HP Velotechnik and offers a great selection of demo bikes and trikes.

Greenspeed Areo

Greenspeed was born in 1990 and quickly became synonymous with innovation, superior design, comfort and functionality for people all over the world.



We are proud to be the only Cruzbike dealer in the Southeast. Cruzbike will make you faster and more comfortable than you thought was possible on a bike. Come in for a test ride!

Trident Trikes

Trident Trikes is committed to innovation, and builds trikes that deliver the best value for the money. They offer a wide selection of trikes for every riding style. Most models come with popular accessories included. 


TerraTrike was founded 20 years ago by Jack Wiswell and Wayne Oom, who launched the brand with a simple sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin. TerraTrike is now the largest US based manufacturer of recumbent trikes and accessories. 


Performer offers a full range of both two and three-wheel models. Their bikes are designed to enhance comfort without compromising performance. 

Visiting from out of town?

Because of our large selection and great service, people from all over the country trust Bent Revolution to help with their selection. While you are here, we can help you find a beach, a great place to eat and even get you a discount at  the Holiday Inn Express that is close by. Just call the hotel and tell them you want the Bent Revolution discount!


Holiday Inn Express is just across the highway.

Holiday Inn Express is just across the highway.

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