easily Add a motor to your bike with a copenhagen wheel

Our review of the Copenhagen Wheel on a HP Velotechnik Gekko. This wheel is a fantastic choice for someone wanting to easily add electric power to their existing bike.

HP Gekko With Shimano steps review

Review of the 2017 HP Gekko with Shimano Steps Pedal Assist

Hp Scorpion REview

Test ride of the all new 2017 HP Scorpion by HP Velotechnik.

ICE Adventure Test ride

Bent Revolution test ride of the 2017 ICE Adventure recumbent trike
First impressions of the 2017 ICE Sprint X

Greenspeed Magnum xl review

Impressions of the new Magnum XL. The perfect trike for people that want a strong, roomy, high-quality trike.
Review of the Trident Titan with Nuvinci 380 hub. This is a nice starter recumbent trike that is comfortable and easy to use.