1. Recumbents are fun! Zipping around town in a recumbent feels like driving a go-cart. They corner easily and give you great road feel. Want to kick it up a notch? Most recumbents can accommodate an electric-assist motor that can go 20 MPH.


2. Recumbents are comfortable! Sitting in a recumbent feels more like sitting on a chair with your feet up. My customers describe the feeling as “Relaxercising”. Unlike traditional bikes, there are no pressure points on your hands, wrists, shoulders or backside!


3. Recumbents make exercising easier. The fun of riding a recumbent makes you want to ride. You start looking for reasons to do more riding. If you want to take a break. just pull over, put on the brake, and start again when you are ready.


4. Recumbents are stable. You spend no effort balancing, so you can focus on the fun of riding. People with balance issues can get back to an active lifestyle with recumbents.


5. Recumbents eliminate the “hunchback”. Instead of riding in an unnatural position, you ride in a back-friendly way that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. It is easier to enjoy the scenery around you when your head is in a natural position. Want even more comfort? Most recumbents can be fitted with a headrest.

6. Recumbents are safe. The wider footprint of recumbents actually encourages drivers to give you a wider birth as they pass. The lower seating position also means you don’t ever have to worry about falling off your bike.


7. Recumbents are aerodynamic. The lower profile of recumbents means more of your effort goes to moving the bike forward instead of fighting wind resistance allowing you to ride longer and feel better when you finish.


8. Recumbents are fast. The fastest human-powered vehicle is a recumbent that went over 85 MPH (your results may vary). Generally speaking, people find recumbents faster than uprights with the same effort. It takes a little while for your muscles to adapt to a different riding position, but once they do, look out!


9. Recumbents are adaptable. Not only are recumbents easier to comfortably fit a wide range of people, they can be adapted for wounded warriors or people with physical challenges.


10. Recumbents riders are instant celebrities. Don’t believe me? Try riding a recumbent on your local trail and see how many positive comments and questions you get. Once your friends try it, they will want one too!